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How to Prepare Your Beds for Move?

After months of planning and organizing, your big day has arrived – it’s Moving Day! Since you use your beds until the very last minute, here are some tips to help you prepare your beds for the move:
  • Wake up early on Moving Day, so that you have extra time to prepare and pack your beds.
  • Take off the mattresses and secure them in a plastic sheet or a bubble wrap. If you hire professional movers in San Diego, they can help you with this.
  • If your bed has in-built cabinets, make sure that there are no lose objects inside before you start packing the beds.
  • Carefully remove the bed frames and wrap them in a plastic sheet.
  • Take the screws and bolts, carefully pack them in a box and tape them to the inside of the bed.
Packing your beds can take a lot of time and therefore it is advisable to give this activity sufficient time. Hire professional movers in San Diego to help you pack your bed properly and efficiently.

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