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5 Tips for Packing Picture Frames while Moving

The last thing you want is to arrive in your beautiful new home with cherished and precious picture frames damaged from the move. Keep your loved ones’ photos save with important tips on how to pack your picture frames –
  • Never wrap more than two frames together. Wrapping together will put more pressure on the frames and make them more susceptible to damage.
  • Always secure the picture frames in a bubble wrap and do not forget to tape the ends of the wraps. If you don’t have bubble wrap, a thick blanket or towel will suffice – still, tape the ends of the wraps.
  • Place a soft cloth or newspaper sheet at the bottom of the box before placing the photo frames.
  • Make sure to keep the frames in appropriate boxes. If there is some space left in the box, you can fill it up with a soft cloth in order to avoid friction.
  • Never fill your box with more weight than it can hold.
Pictures are those timeless treasures that can not be measured in monetary terms – spend the extra time to keep them safe in transit. Keep these tips in mind and hire the best local movers in San Francisco to ensure that your timeless memories adorn the walls of your new homes as well.

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