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Tips for Cleaning the Refrigerator before Moving

Whether it is moving to a new destination or going on a vacation for a couple of weeks, the last thing that you want to encounter is a bad smelling refrigerator full with rotten vegetables and food. Moreover, a refrigerator that is totally packed with foodstuff is hard to pack and there is always the risk of leakage and spillage. It is therefore essential to clean the fridge before you pack and load it onto the moving truck. Here are some tips to consider for cleaning the refrigerator –
  • It is always better to eat out the night before you move as it will save you from the trouble of washing the dishes and storing the remaining food.
  • Plan your week accordingly. Do not buy many vegetables in the week before you move and first try to consume the vegetables that you have in your refrigerator. The same goes for dairy products.
  • Throw out any expired food items and clean the trays and cabinets.
  • Consume the dessert before you move.
  • Empty all the water bottles and pack them separately.
  • Remove the ice trays to ensure the ice does not melt during the journey.
A refrigerator brimming with contents will not only be bulkier and difficult to load and unload, but it will also pose a serious hazard for other belongings with unwanted stains and spillage. To know more about packing the refrigerator, select a reputable moving company in San Diego and have a peaceful relocation.

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