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The Most Common Moving Scams

Everyday there are horror stories of people getting duped during their move to a new location. Moving in itself is highly strenuous and scams by movers can scar a person for years to come. Here are some of the most common moving scams –
Unbelievable moving quotes – Most people are deceived by the quote they get from their movers. Movers habitually conceal additional costs and give the lowest estimates that initially sound too good to resist but burn a hole in the pockets when you get the actual billing. It is better to ask the mover about all the additional costs and go for an onsite estimate before committing yourself to a mover.
No delivery – You call the movers home, they give you an estimate and your belongings are loaded on the truck, which you will never see again. There are various rogue movers you rob innocent individuals of their precious belongings.
Hostage situation – Often rogue movers demand more money to free your belongings which they keep as hostage by threatening not to return the belongings unless they are paid additional amounts.
In order to save you from the trouble, it is therefore imperative to choose a mover after a thorough scrutiny. Ask for referrals, check reviews and make sure you get a mover who is licensed and not blacklisted by the legal authorities. Choose the best movers inBrooklyn and experience a hassle free move.

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