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The Most Common Moving Myths

Moving to a new location is both physically and emotionally draining. Sadly, the prevalence of misconceptions and myths make moving even more challenging. Here are some of the most common myths associated with moving –
The mover is insured, I need not worry about my belongings – Insurance varies from company to company and most policies offer cover for only a portion of what is shipped. It is therefore necessary to purchase a floater in case the mover’s insurance does not cover everything you are moving.
My stuff will not reach me in the same condition – This is the least true of all the myths, which forces people to stay away from moving companies. If you choose a reliable mover, you can assure that your goods reach you in the same condition in which you left them. Moreover, careful packing also plays an important role in the safety of goods and this has nothing to do with moving companies, unless they are not rogue movers.
I have to ride with my belongings in the truck – This is absolutely wrong as commercial fleet of vehicles is not passenger-vehicles and unless you are an employee with the movers, you are not allowed to ride with them.
It is therefore necessary to contact your moving company and ask them about all your queries. Reputable and experienced moving companies in Miami have the right crew and experience to make your moving a smooth process. Select a reputable mover and have a happy moving.

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