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Moving on Your Own – Important Lifting Techniques

When you are moving to a new location, especially on your own, it is highly critical that you take proper safety measures to ensure nobody is hurt during the relocation. Apart from taking care of slipping and tripping hazards and wet floors, you should also ensure that you lift the heavy boxes and furniture in a proper manner to avoid any physical injuries. Here are some important lifting techniques that you need to keep in mind –
  • Make sure you are positioned as close as possible to the box you are trying to lift.
  • Keep your feet apart and by slightly bowing your back, rise while keeping your head up and straight.
  • Make sure to firmly hold the containers or boxes from opposite corners for better grip.
  • When you are required to turn, make sure that you turn with for feet and not with your body.
  • Do not twist your body while lifting a heavy object. If you have any difficulty in lifting the weight, keep it down, stretch a little and then pick it up again.
Even if you are a professional lifter, lifting of furniture requires precision and experience, which only expert movers can provide. Select professional local movers in New York and let them take care of all your moving needs.

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