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Important Facts to Confirm from the Movers

Moving day is just round the corner and you have done the entire basic preliminary packing and planning. It is the time to decide the moving company and here are some important facts that you must get confirmed from the movers before hiring them to ensure a flawless moving experience –
  • Ask them about their license and insurance papers.
  • Always check with the movers any additional costs that you might be required to pay apart from the estimate given by them.
  • Get the estimate given by them in writing.
  • Gather a clear understanding of the services that the mover is providing and at what cost.
  • Ask the movers for referrals. Contact these numbers to see what the previous clients have to say about them.
  • Get a fair understanding of the insurance policy under which the mover is covered. Ask them for a copy of the insurance certificates.
  • Do not forget to see their license.
Any mover who hesitates on providing any or all of the above information can be a rogue mover and it is advisable that you should avoid dealing with him. A reputable and professional mover will have transparency in dealings and will never hesitate in giving the general information. Choose the best local movers in Houston for a smooth moving.

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