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How to Spot a Rogue Mover?

Moving scams are on an all time high. Innocent homeowners are trapped by rogue movers and are duped either of their money or precious belongings, not to forget the anxiety and sleepless nights these scams bring with them. Here are a few tips to keep in mind in order to spot a rogue mover –
  • The first thing to examine is the website of the mover. If the website has no phone number or address of the facility, or no information about licensing or insurance, it is almost positive that he is a rogue mover.
  • Always ask the moving companies to come to your residence for onsite estimate. If a mover refuses and maintains that you have to pay what the online estimate says, immediately stop the communication.
  • Ask the mover about the insurance and license papers. If he hesitates or says that all goods are insured, do not buy this theory.
  • Never pay cash to a moving company who demands a large deposit before loading your goods.
  • When at the moving day you see a rental truck instead of the company-marked truck, do not let your belongings to be loaded on it as these are rogue movers who keep belongings as hostage and release them after getting heavy cash from the homeowner.
To ensure that you do not run into rogue movers, follow these tips and compare Atlanta movers to choose the best moving company.

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