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Understanding Valuation and Insurance Options to protect your Move

If you have decided to make a move to a new location it is essential to protect your household goods — what if something is lost or damaged? There’s a lot at stake when you move or relocate — it’s about the money that you’ll be spending, the memories you will be taking from one place to another and of course your valuable possessions like the home furniture, family pictures, children’s toys and much more.
When you move, your personal belongings including valuables are loaded onto a truck sent by your chosen moving company in Atlanta. While most moves go smoothly, there is still probability of accidents to take place resulting in loss or damage to some items during transit or the shipment.
Your movers in Atlanta are liable for the value of the goods that you ask them to transport. However, there are different levels of responsibility. The level that you choose will decide the type and amount of reimbursement you will get if an item is lost or damaged during the move. Collate all the required information about the types of insurance covers available and the charges associated with each option.
Interstate movers offer two diverse liability options — Full Value Protection, and Released Value.
A brief about these options:
  • Full Value Protection: Under this protection option, your mover will be responsible for the replacement value of lost or damaged items in your entire moving process. This is considered as a comprehensive plan offered for the protection of your belongings. Further if any article is lost, destroyed or damaged in your mover’s supervision, your mover will, at its judgment, propose to do one of the following for each item — replace the item with a similar item; or repair it; or make a cash settlement equivalent to the current market replacement value or the cost of the repair. Ask your mover in advance for written details of their Full Value Protection plan.
  • Released Value: This is the most economical protection available, since it is presented at no additional charge. However, you are required to sign a specific statement on the bill of lading or contract agreeing to this policy. This policy compensates on the basis of the weight of the item and not its actual value. If you do not select Released Value option, then your complete shipment will automatically get converted to the Full Value Protection level of liability, thus, you will be assessed the appropriate charge.
Understand the valuation and insurance options to protect your move and experience a smooth relocation process with movers in Atlanta.

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