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Packing the Kitchen Pantry

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With the relocation just round at the corner, most people are focused on packing their valuables and delicate stuff, knowingly ignoring the kitchen and pantry for the last moment. No doubt a Sony PS3 or a beer dispenser is much more valuable than a packet of oatmeal. However, there is more to packing the pantry than anticipated. Here are some of the tips that will make it easier for you to pack your pantry while relocation –
  • Get rid of all the perishable items. There is no point carrying a pudding or left over pizza as they will not survive the journey. It is advisable to eat out the night before in order to save you from the trouble of washing and packing the dishes again.
  • Leftover ice creams, puddings and cakes should be shared with the neighbors or friends coming in to say their goodbyes.
  • Pack the canned food neatly in a separate box but make sure there are no open containers that might spill out the content.
  • Transfer dry goods such as cereals, oats, sugar, flour in plastic container to prevent spilling.
  • Liquors and wine require additional care while packing. There are special containers available with the movers for safely moving wine and liquor, saving them from access heat.
Packing a kitchen can prove to be a great headache if not planned carefully. Do not hesitate to hire a professional moving company in San Diego that will assist you in more efficient packing of our kitchen.

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