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Onsite Estimate – Offering You a Clearer Picture

When you are planning to relocate from one state to another, it is essential that you get an onsite estimate from the moving company in order to get a clearer picture. Below are some important tips that would assist you during an onsite estimate –
Ask questions – It is your right to ask any question that comes in your mind ranging from differences in price quotes, free storage facility and other additional services. Do not assume any free services and it is better to clarify those from the moving company. You are also free to ask questions about the moving company’s experience and background.
Show them the entire property – To get the precise quote, it is necessary to show the crew the whole house, including the attic and the basement – there may be certain items that you need to take along.
Read the terms and conditions precisely – This is stating the obvious but go through the terms and conditions of the contract thoroughly. Ask the company officials about any discrepancy or ambiguity you come across in the contract before signing it.
Getting onsite estimate is the prerogative of every person who is planning for relocation. If a moving company refuses for an onsite estimate, you need to think twice before hiring them. Do not hesitate to hire a reputable moving company in Atlanta – a company that can truly ensure a smooth relocation process for you.

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