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Moving with Kids – All You Need to Know

Relocating to a different destination opens up several avenues for meeting and befriending new people and giving your life a fresh new start. However, moving with kids can add up to the levels of stress of packing and making last moment arrangements. As kids are more emotional and attached to their house, relocating to a new place could come as a shock to them. Here are some tips that will help you in having a comfortable moving experience –
Communicate with the kids – Kids need more time to unhinge and settle at a new destination. Therefore it is essential that you explain to the kids the reasons for your move and convince them that you are moving to a better location – a place where they will have more friends, better school and amusement facilities. Encourage the kids to share their uncertainties with you and even after moving to a new place, try to spend maximum time with them to make them well acquainted with the new place.
Involve the kids – When you are moving, involve your kid in the packing exercise so that he/she does not feel left out. Give extra care while packing your kid’s belongings as kids form an emotional bond with their belongings. Ask them to pack their stuff and supervise them in packing. Carefully and tactfully make them keep any worn out or excessively damaged item/toy. You can also ask kids to color code packed boxes and make goodbye cards for neighbors and friends. This will keep them occupied and make them feel important. It is also recommended to allow the kids to decide as to how their new room should be furnished. This will make them eager and excited for their new house.
Carefully pack the favorite toys and story books – It is an emotional time for a kid to say goodbye to his house and move to a new place. Therefore you need to show more compassion and love by carefully packing his/her favorite toys and other belongings. Arrange a fancy looking bag for the kid where he can keep all of his most loved belongings with him to play during the plane ride or drive.
Encourage the kid to say goodbye to his/her friends – Encourage the kid to bid a polite adieu to friends and teachers. Also, take some time to visit the school with your kid a day before to say final goodbye to his friends.
While moving with kids, you have to be more tactful and alert as kids can easily go into resentment and shock just by watching their belongings being packed and loaded. Hire good moving companies in San Francisco that can help you in your moving process, allowing you to spend more time with your kid on this eventful journey.

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