Moving Tips for Students

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The moving day can be both eventful and stressful for a student. Apart from paying the debts and bills, packing the stuff that was taken for granted for so long can be really challenging for a student.
Unpakt gives you few tips for hassle free moving – these will also help you save some dollars:
Make a list of items that you require –Some landlords offer fully equipped rooms to students. However it is advisable to check if the room you are moving into has all the essentials such as a bed, desk, wardrobe, chairs and dresser. It is also advisable to check the size of the room in order to know if the belongings and furniture you are planning to take with you will not make it cramped.
Plan beforehand – If you are moving into an apartment or a local house, it is essential that you call the local electric, water, plumbing and cable companies to set all the connections preferably a day before your actual moving so that you do not have to face any inconvenience when you actually arrive there.
Pack accordingly – Another thing to keep in mind is to start packing less bulky, yet important items days before the actual moving. For instance, start packing your important notes and books neatly a few days prior to your relocation. You can color code the material as per the subject or semester to avoid any chaos on the actual day of moving. Make sure all the electronics are carefully packed and labeled.
Look out for moving companies – When most of the packing has been done, it is now time to look out for local moving companies. In order to choose the best moving company you can browse through the internet to make comparisons in quotes and services. You can also go for referrals from friends and neighbors.
Make use of old items in packing – A student is always on a budget and in order to save a few bucks, it is recommended that you use used and worn out stuff for packing. For instance, use old shirts and worn out clothing to secure delicate items such as glasses, cups and dishes. Limit the purchase of cardboard boxes for the most delicate and important stuff only. You can use old suitcases, bags and grocery cartons as boxes for packing your belongings rather than buying cardboard boxes for every item.
Moving to a new place offers an exciting opportunity to meet and befriend new people. Browse the internet for the best moving companies in Los Angeles and have a stress free moving experience.

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